Saturday, February 27, 2010


i'm writing to you as i wait for my flight at the airport.

i can't believe my time is colombia is over.
it has been an unexpected experience, where much of what i thought of and planned did not happen and ended up serving in totally new ways.
i'm sad to leave so soon, and i have that unavoidable feeling of: "i could've done more".
still i know that GOD has worked and is working for HIS glory in colombia.
it strangely feels like the right time to go back home.

i am so thankful that GOD, in HIS sovereignty has used me for HIS kingdom work in colombia and i hope that i don't forget the many things HE has revealed to me about Himself and about my heart.

there is much to debrief about and let things percolate in my head and heart.

:( sorry i didnt update often but i would love to share about GOD's work in colombia with you in person. check.


brothers and sisters, i can't thank you enough for being part of God's work in colombia through prayer and support. it was an invaluable encouragement and spirit strengthening when i was reminded of God's people joining together for HIS kingdom. although many a times i felt alone in this trip, i will never forget those precious moments when i remembered that you are here with me.

GOD's work does not end! HIS kingdom is spreading through out the world!
i just want to direct you to two friends that are overseas and swinging hard in obedience to GOD for His glory and kingdom.

eugene sheldon lee

eurri choi

see you soon!


  1. LEO!!! aw i am so touched my your shout-out. Haha I hope I can see you at my sendoff! Hope you had a blessed trip. Meditate for three months then we can debrief and swap stories =] =] Praise God for a glorious & safe trip

  2. Praise God for keeping you safe and showing you his glory and love. I'm glad to hear that you had a wonderful time there. I hope you can share about your trip with us once you get the time to debrief and rest up. Take care and see you later :)