Saturday, December 5, 2009


Dear Friends, Loved Ones, Brothers and Sisters in Christ!


As many of you know, I recently graduated from college and I’ve had the chance to play and pray! I’m so thankful God has shown me to cherish personal and intimate moments with Him and during these times I’ve come to realize how hopeless I am to make God-glorifying choices and I’ve learned to ask Him for His clear direction and guidance for my future. And for these past months, slowly but surely, God has been changing my heart, instructing my mind and growing my soul.

In the midst of waiting for God’s instruction for my future, my friend from Colombia came to visit America. We began talking about our church and our friends, the youth and the young adults there. It seemed like they were struggling, and although many had gone out to church, it was simply something to do on Sundays.

Our thoughts were: “Ah! Our generation needs Jesus! They need to know Him!” And from that day everything just began to click! There was an immediate call to go. I was to simply be a pointer and an arrow to Him in Colombia. To share that only God can change hearts and bring them from death to life. So my prayer is to ask God to meet them, that they would know Him and that God would reveal His unbelievable, unfailing love for them, most clearly demonstrated at the cross!” With this calling, I’ll be going to Colombia.

I am really lucky to have the opportunity to serve God’s kingdom directly, to be a pair of hands at the Korean church in Colombia, and to go back to my friends and share of His love with them.

Please pray for me: that I’d remember I am nothing and that fruit only comes from abiding in Him: humble, constant and complete dependence on Him. That I would daily be led and empowered solely by the Holy Spirit. That love would abound in my heart for His work and His people. That each moment would be a step of more of Him and less of me.

But, it’s not only me that’s going! Isn’t it awesome that God has called each and every one of us, as the church, to the Great Commission? So please join me in God’s kingdom work in Colombia within the Korean community through prayer!

Let’s pray that the Holy Spirit would open the eyes of the Korean youth and young adults to the hopeless death in the world’s view of comfort and success, to the sin that so entangles men to fruitless bondage, to the truth that all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God. But let’s not end there for we know that it is God’s kindness that leads us to repentance, and that although the wages of sin is death, the free gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord! So let’s pray that in light of their humility and realization of depravity, they would see the perfect answer in Jesus Christ, that they would come to see the beauty of God’s love for us at the cross, that they would love Jesus as their Savior and Lord, that they would be amazed at the grace poured out through Christ to us who were once called enemies of the Almighty God!

With Jesus Christ, our Great Redeemer, there is great hope! Once justified we know that there will be a complete transformation: the Holy Spirit will form them and mold them to God’s pleasure!

Let’s also pray for the Korean community in Colombia as a whole! That God would teach the older generation to love Him and completely transform them. That their leadership would be Christ-centered.

For the Korean church/es, that His truth would be preached, that they would be of one heart and one soul, and that God would rise up and send workers for His harvest within the Korean community and outwardly to the people of Colombia. That He would build disciples for His purpose.

Most importantly, please join me in praying that even through this short time God alone would be glorified to the fullest in everything that will happen.

I’ll be updating you through this Facebook group for specific prayer requests and happenings!


In His Love,

Leo Ham


  1. oh wow, leo!! i pray that God will use you to help the people in Colombia to genuinely seek Him :) have a safe trip, leo!!

  2. so crazy, so awesome.
    i'm excited for you!

  3. LEOO!! so crazy! :)

    lemme guess, your the third kid from the right on the bottom row? the one wearing a white shirt!!

  4. will do leo
    dang i wish i coulda met up with you the other day

  5. SHELDY!

    im the third kid from the LEFT!
    black slacks, white shirt.